“Why are you checking your yansh in my front? You think I’m a spirit?” – Whitemoney cries out as Kim Oprah displays her backside (Video)

BBNaija All Stars Housemate, Whitemoney, was spotted in the dressing room alongside Kim Oprah, Pere, and Cross, where he fervently sang his heart out.

In his song, Whitemoney humorously expressed his sentiment that Cross had taken something precious from him, indicating potential revenge outside the house.

Pere joined in the singing, adding to the drama.

Thereafter, Kim Oprah, another housemate whom Whitemoney had considered confronting Cross over, approached him while wearing a short dress.

Kim Oprah approached the camera, and then turned to briefly adjust her dress from behind.

While she was doing so, Whitemoney, visibly uncomfortable, playfully scolded her for displaying her backside (Yansh) in front of him and jokingly asked if she thought he was a ghost.

He said: “Why are you checking your yansh in my front? you think I’m a spirit?”

This remark by Whitemoney prompted laughter from the other housemates present in the dressing room, but he continued singing to further express his feelings.

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