WhatsApp Spy For Android & IOS Working 2022

Are you curious or suspicious and want to monitor your partner, friends, spouse, Child in school etc… you can be able to do so after reading this post.

WhatsApp spy was created for users to be able to spy on close friends, relatives, children, partner etc. but because of the unstable nature of the Spy app, it is not compatible with some devices, and won’t install on some phones. but today we’ll show you how to use the WhatsApp spy on any phone using your mobile browser!

Using this method you can read All Chat, play audio messages, play videos, from the victims WhatsApp directly on your phone.

Features Of WhatsApp Spy

  • No root required to use
  • Monitor personal chats and group chats
  • See full picture and names
  • Monitor time and date of chat
  • See phone numbers
  • Available for both android and iOS
  • Free to use, no payment required.

Requirements To Spy

  • Chrome or Safari Browser (Get Here) if not yet installed
  • Your phone and victims phone you want to spy on (just for a few seconds)
  • Internet access

How To Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp 

  • Step1: Open The Browser As specified Above on Your Phone and Input this web address web.whatsapp.com as shown below!

  • Step2: Click on the three dot as shown below on your browser (Usually in the Top Right Corner for chrome browsers and bottom right corner for safari browsers)

  • Step3: Select Request Desktop Site In the options as shown below

  • Step4: it will display the website showing a QR code

  • Step5; take the victims phone you want to spy on and Open WhatsApp, click on the three dot at the top right corner!

  • Step6: Select WhatsApp Web

  • Step7: Still using your victims phone, scan the QR code on your phone from step4.

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  • Step8: Wait for scanning to finish, and for WhatsApp to load on your browser, hurray… you can now see and monitor all the activities of your victim on WhatsApp right from your phone.

Caution! using this spy method in any inappropriate way may result in a conflict with the users you are spying on or tracking, make sure you do it discretely, for more help or assistance don’t forget to drop a comment below.
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