Mixed Reactions As Video Of 21-Year-Old Couple At Their Wedding Trends (Watch)

Mixed Reactions As Video Of 21-Year-Old Couple At Their Wedding Trends (Watch)

A new trending video of a couple who got married at 21 has stirred mixed reactions on the internet.

In the video from the wedding that was posted online, the 21-Year-Old Couple were seen elegantly dressed in their wedding attire as they posed for the camera while surrounded by their loved ones who came to celebrate with them.

Sharing the video, the bride, @meethencubes, expressed excitement at settling down quite early with her boyfriend.

She noted that deciding to tie the knot at age 21 might have been a big decision, but they made it happen with God.

“Choosing to grow old with your bestfriend at 21 years old. We made it with God. Married at 21”, she captioned the video.

However, the video has elicited mixed reactions from social media users. While some believed that it was a good thing that the couple are venturing into matrimony at a young age, others argue they are still too young.

An Instagram user wrote, @Geena wrote, “As long as they have jobs and earn, Big Congrats to them”.

@Floral wrote,“If you say the bride is 21, it’s okay but for the groomthat dude is not up to 18 from his look.”

Another user added,

“So beautiful to watch, my brother married at such age too. Once they have a good support system financially, they will be fine. Maybe the boy is the only son or surviving son of his parents, they will want him to marry early especially if the girlfriend got pregnant . May God bless their union”.

Watch video below,


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