How To create USA, UK Numbers For WhatsApp Working 2021

How To create USA, UK Numbers For WhatsApp Working 2021

How To create USA, UK and other foreign Numbers For WhatsApp and other online purposes Working 2021

Today we are going to be teaching you how to create U.S, Canada, Uk, etc. mobile numbers for WhatsApp and other online authentication.

This tweak is brought to you by OMN for free.

Following the instructions below on this post you can be able to create your foreign US, UK, Canadian numbers completely free.

The numbers can be used to register and verify WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps, and also other kinds of apps.

This is possible because you can receive all SMS and calls made to your foreign number on your device through My Sudo App.



How To Create Your Foreign (U.S, UK) Number For Whatsapp:

  • Open your VPN and choose USA (New York preferably) and connect
  • Go to G-mail on your device and create a NEW account
  • After successful creation, (Still on VPN connection) open your play store and switch to the new G-mail account created using your VPN
  • If you have followed all the above procedures correctly then you are on track
  • After switching to your Newly created G-mail account, you will now be able to download and Install My Sudo App.
  • Search for My Sudo App on playstore Or Click HERE to download
  • Now open My Sudo App, make sure VPN is still connected.
  • Fill in the required fields with your information
  • Select a Foreign number of your choice and proceed
  • My Sudo App will Give you your selected account on a free trial, make sure you make all necessary use of the number.


How To Open Whatsapp with your foreign number

  • Download GB WhatsApp or any any WhatsApp of your choice
  • Continue and type your Newly created foreign number
  • You will receive the authentication message on My Sudo App. (Remember to connect your VPN each time you want to open My Sudo App)
  • Input your authentication code to verify WhatsApp.


Watch Video Tutorial:

Note: If after downloading My Sudo App and you receive a notification that the app is not available in your location or country, kindly go back to your VPN and switch location to Uk-Docklands, connect and click try again on My Sudo App

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DISCLAIMER: This post is made for educational purposes only, you are not authorized to sell any part of this tweak which was provided to you for free

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