Beyoncé Dragged By Tiwa Savage & Nigerian Youths For Silence Over #EndSARS Protests

Beyonce Dragged By Tiwa Savage & Nigerians Youths For Silence Over #EndSARS Protests

Tiwa Savage has called out Beyoncé to lend her voice to the ongoing #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, which has sparked a chain reaction of reactions by Nigerian youths.

In a 20-minute Instagram live video shared , Tiwa Savage voiced her opinions on the issues plaguing the country from corruption, police brutality, and poverty. According to Tiwa, Beyoncé needs to lend her voice to the ongoing protests happening in the country. the video which stirred reactions from Nigerians now has Beyoncé trending on teitter

American celebrities /Americans only think about Africa when it’s time to make money or explore or when Beyoncé sing there💀💀💀💀 but when it’s time to help all u hear is 🦗.

— Favour🇳🇬🍸 (@__favss__) October 16, 2020

You people are just funny, giving people unnecessary importance. Like for God’s sake, what will a tweet or a video from Beyonce condemning Police brutality actually do?

Fucking Nothing
Absolutely nothing

She’s not more important than thousand others doing the work .

— FREEMAN 🇳🇬🇳🇬 (@sir_victaur) October 16, 2020

A whole Giant of Africa shouldnt be begging for @Beyonce to tweet #EndSARS, I believe this revolution would change the country's name for good ,just like our music is doing already ,and las las it would be an honor 4 odas to be here and work with us not vice versa #TwitterDown

— Amyray #EndSarsNow (@Amie_rayy) October 16, 2020

Tiwa savage callin out Beyoncé is just a dumb move n distraction to #EndSARS movement
Bey spoke abou Breonna Taylors case nothin happened
She spoke abou police brutality in America it’s still on
she campaign against Trump:
Will her tweet or comment take Sars away?

— WET WIZKID (@Wet_Wizkid) October 16, 2020

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