BBNaija’s Angel Reveals What Scares Her The Most About Marriage

BBNaija's Angel Reveals What Scares Her The Most About Marriage

BBNaija’s ex-housemate, Angel Smith has revealed what scares her the most about marriage.

The former BBNaija reality star said that the number one fact she is afraid of is to sleep with ones partner without protection, despite not knowing if their partner is cheating or not, is worrisome.

She also added that when it’s just a relationship, one can use protection but not so in marriages, and due to the increased level of infidelity, many faithful couples end up with STDs from cheating partners.

She wrote: “I think the scariest part of marriage; FOR ME, is that you actually don’t really have a decision in terms of using protection, you expect your partner to be loyal but it’s many people outchea cheating on their partners without using protection.

“Like at least in a relationship outside of marriage I can choose to simply use protection throughout but like marriage sorta scraps that off the table and I am too much of a hypochondriac.

“I’ve seen too many bizzare stories of people infecting their husbands/wives with stds and I want no part AT ALL Lmfaooo.

“The story where the husband knew he had gotten hiv, gave it to his wife, she got really ill and he knew that was what the problem was, still didn’t tell her and then she found out when she was almost d*ing. It’s a no from meeee dawggg.”

Angel Reveals What Scares Her About Marriage

BBNaija's Angel Reveals What Scares Her The Most


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