Article: Glad Or Sad

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Article: Glad Or Sad

If something bad happens to you should I be happy or sad?
Should I wear my best clothes, throw a party, pop champagne and be glad?
The best thing that can happen to mankind is good health and wealth
The worst thing that can happen to mankind is death
Thieves stole my car, you sympathized with me
Fire burnt my house you sympathized with me
I borrowed your car you didn’t refuse me
You gave me a token to assist the building
Now I lost someone I can’t borrow, do you want me to celebrate it?
I know the message I am passing many will hate it
How can I lose a member of my family
And still throw a party happily
How can death throw me into mourning
And I will still go ahead and waste my money
Death stole a member of your family and you celebrate
Should we call it wickedness or hate?
Two opposite things can’t give you the same result
You can try it and give me your report
There is happiness when a new child is born
There’s sadness when same child is gone 
An average person wants to marry because it is good
An average person wants to have babies because it is cool
How many people want to die? None, because it is bad
When death comes, Is there a reason to be glad?
Except if the person is a traitor or enemy
Except if the person is wicked or killer of destinies
For example, a president died in the late nineties and people rejoice
A presidential aspirant died a month after there was clamor and noise
If you are a good man when you are gone the people should mourn
If you are a bad man when you are gone a party should be done
But how many people will admit that they are bad
So give me reasons, after losing someone should we be happy and glad?
If you lose your car will you do thanksgiving?
If you lose your house will you do thanksgiving?
Don’t forget that house and car are replaceable
Because when there is life hope is available
Why should you now lose a family member and do thanksgiving?
I’m just thinking aloud, just reminiscing
There is this issue up for debating
What if the dead gentleman resurrects while celebrating
Will your joy be fascinated or devastated?
There’s  a big difference between burial and ceremony
Trying to join the two different words is an acrimony
Written by :
Agboola Moyinoluwa
Inspired by:
Sir Samuel Ogunniran

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